Units of Measure
  • User May Use Metric or Imperial

  • User Is Able to Choose Variable or Fixed as Appropriate

  • User May Set Accordingly

Ignore Distance
  • The Initial Distance to Ignore When a Measurement Is Taken - Normal Mode Range Is 0 to 56 Feet (17m) in 0.2 Feet (0.07m) Steps, Factory Setting Is 10 Feet (3m), Deep Mode Usable Range Is 27 to 1200 Feet (9 To 366m) in Approximately 30 Feet (9m) Steps, Factory Setting Is 200 Feet

Variable Mode
  • The variable mode provides a rising gain or sensitivity with time. This mode gives greater weight to return signals that occur later in the measurement cycle and is beneficial on deeper wells where the return signal is more attenuated. The variable gain mode also makes the meter less susceptible to unwanted returns from various surfaces in the well casing that might interfere with a proper measurement. The variable mode is somewhat more susceptible to interference from pump noise or other sources of high ambient noise. Also, in some specific configurations it is possible for the meter to favour a secondary return over the primary one and give a reading that is twice the actual water level.

  • 4x AA dry cell

Fixed Mode
  • The fixed mode is less susceptible to interference from ambient noise and the secondary return problem. This mode can be used to advantage in such cases. Some sensitivity is sacrificed so the meter might not read the deepest water levels in this mode in some wells.

Factory Defaults
  • The factory defaults values are 10 feet (3 meters) in normal mode and 200 feet (60 meters) in deep mode. If problems occur due to reflections from liners that don't come all the way to the top of the casing or unwanted signal returns from such things as pitless adaptors and such that interfere with getting a proper reading, the default values can be increased so that returns within that distance are ignored. Also, if you are making draw-down measurements that require the use of deep mode but you wish to be able to measure less than 200 feet (60 meters), you can reduce the minimum distance accordingly so that you don't have to switch modes during the test.

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